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Updated: Jan 5

In life we are pulled in so many directions, each consuming our energy and attention. We start to feel as though we have no control over where we are going or where we'll end up. Often times, we fall into patterns of thought leading us into an unfulfilling rut. We can feel hopeless, restless, or like a prisoner of our own circumstance.

Sometimes we have to start by unlearning everything we are taught and believe. Like a caterpillar who has only known crawling on land and must retreat to it's cocoon of darkness, forgetting all they knew. Then they emerge as a totally new being, able to fly and begin a new life. You can make your own metamorphosis by believing that there is more to life than trudging along at a job you hate.

If you have been feelings dissatisfied with work, life, or yourself, now is the time to break free from ideas that you must work hard and suffer to obtain wealth. We live in an amazing moment in time where you can make a living from the comfort of your home. It doesn't have to take years of your life or require hours of schooling.

There are unlimited how to's for affiliate marketing, social media management, and other online jobs. This post is not trying to tell you what to do, it's here to inspire and assure that you can do it. People are making money every day from this type of work and you can too.

Some things to get you motivated:

Start on a New Moon by writing down your intentions and what you want.

  • I want to increase my income.

  • I want to work from home.

  • My goal is to spend more time with my family.

Keep it general, specifics can come later once you've achieved the larger desires.

Plan out time to research what you're most interested in. It can be as little as an hour a day.

  • Monday: Affiliate Marketing - Amazon, ClickBank, or any specific niche you enjoy, say hiking, Google - "Outdoor Affiliate Programs"

Social Media Manager/UX Designer - Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Selling Products - Wholesale, Dropshipping, etc.

  • Tuesday: Brand Strategy - What is you brand name? How to create a logo. Set up a Gmail.

  • Wednesday: How to build a website. Wix is a great place to start with lots of easy templates.

  • Thursday: Start setting up all of your social media and look into a scheduler like Hootsuite.

  • Friday: Google Career Certificate Programs - UX Design, Project Management, IT Support, Data Analytics.

  • Sat/Sun: Enjoy the weekend! Rest and relax, you've earned it.

Don't get discouraged if it takes awhile to get started. Once you've done your research and set you goals, you are well on your way to making things happen! It takes anywhere from 5 to 21 days for a moth to emerge from it's shell. With time you can make your transformation too. Just focus on what you want and the rest will come to light.

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